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"WTEfw.Creator" is a unique and excellent web program for those in the international trading field. This online website development program is one of our excellent component in "WTE.HomePage"

In order to make your business successful, your website information and products should be easily added and revised any time, anywhere. In other words, you need to make the right information available to buyers at the right time.

Here in WTEfw.Creator (WTE Flexi Website Creator), we'll show you how to develop an informative and useful website that will benefit your customers. This will set you apart from your competition.

Our unique system provides the easiest way to create the next generation of website without programming and the best chance to give your customers active information 24hours a day, anywhere, anytime, through any Internet connection.

Why WTEfw.Creator is a Unique Program? Below are just a few of the reasons why our customers have selected WTEfw.Creator the way to create and maintain their websites.


Custom Site Designer

Web Design Software





Cost to Launch:



(software) $99 - $499

Time to Launch

5-30 minutes

2 Days-2 Weeks

At least a week

Cost to Update / Modify


Hourly Fees

Your time, risk of damaging site.

Cost to Re-design (group A)


$750 - $4,000

Only Time

Time to Re-design

less than 1 minute

2 days to 2 Weeks

At least a week

Edit site from anywhere?




Help & Support


Hourly Fees

Some support for software

New styles and options each month?




Site Designed by Professional Artists?



Probably not.

Monthly Cost


$7.99 - $40.00/mo. Hosting

$7.99 - $40.00/mo. Hosting

Yearly Cost


$95.88 - $480.00/yr

Hosting $95.88 - $480.00/yr.Hosting

We recommend that you look around and study THE SAMPLE WEB SITE before you start to build your own.

Hope you would be able to successfully develop your overseas business through WTExpo.com.


- Instant and professionally designed template layouts

- Build/Edit/Change or update your website 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

- Website welcome page and template layout can be changed from time 2 time.

- Easy to develop and manage.

- Time to launch short

- Economic package, just $1.12 a day and you are able to advertise your company and products information 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, worldwide.

- Others and much more

Let us introduce to you One-stop Online Export Marketing Solution
"WTE Gold Membership".

How to Start
"WTEfw.Creator" is a unique and excellent web program under "WTE.HomePage"

"WTEfw.Creator" is allowed only to paid members. To start using "WTEfw.Creator" and many other powerful services within WTExpo.com please upgrade your membership now. Our powerful SmartBizOnline tools include : WTEww.Buyers, WTEib.Search, WTEsm.Mobile, WTEmo.Posting, WTEse.Robot, WTEpo.2buyers, WTEe.Ctlg, WTEdw.Builder, WTEbw.Constructor, WTEfw.Creator

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